Community of kindness: How to spread good vibes right where you live

February 5, 2020

Throughout the year, there is no month that moves our hearts more than February. Adorned with chocolates and red roses, the calendar seems to shout, “This is the time to share love (and candy) and appreciate all good things!” Especially the people who surround us.

It’s no wonder February is also the time to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week! This year, RAK Week is Feb. 16-23 and offers people of all ages the chance to have fun being a little extra kind, all week long. Promoted by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and celebrated by educators and communities around the globe, RAK week is an opportunity to share new ideas for getting your kindness on right where you live, work and play.  

Neighborly care

In 2018, a Pew Research Center survey found that a majority of Americans (57%) say they know only some of their neighbors. Why not start spreading kindness next door? If it snows, take a few extra moments to clear a neighbor’s sidewalk. Bring their newspaper or trashcan up from the curb. Share a plate of homemade cookies or a small bouquet of flowers to brighten up a dreary day. Or, simply deliver a card with your phone number and remind them you are there if they might need an extra hand.

If your entire family would like to get in on the action, grab a few trash bags and clean up your neighborhood! It’s easy for trash to get loose and blow onto the streets and sidewalks during the winter months. Small children might enjoy drawing thank you pictures for the local firehouse, and we’re pretty sure the police station won’t turn away a box of muffins or donuts. In Warren County, adults 19 and older can apply to volunteer at the Humane Association of Warren County to walk and help care for shelter dogs.

Kindness at work

It might be easy to stick to your routine at the office, but it’s also easy to spread a bit of cheer to your coworkers. Try to learn something new about someone you work with each day. Thank a coworker by writing a positive note and leaving it for them while they are out to lunch. Send an encouraging email to boost spirits, gift an inspirational book, or endorse a vendor, client or coworker on LinkedIn. Write a thank you card to someone who put in a lot of effort on a project but might not be recognized.

Community and school

Teachers and school administration work diligently each day to care for dozens, if not hundreds, of students. Write a thank you email letting them know you appreciate their work or send your child to school with a $5 gift card for them, for a coffee on you. If you are particularly skilled in one area, offer to serve as a tutor for a student who might need extra help. Reach out to the school’s parent-teacher group to volunteer for an upcoming event or send your child to school with a gift for each classmate—a pencil, eraser or small book is sure to brighten their day!

Do you see an unmet need in your community? Why not start a fundraiser for a good cause or help a local organization’s efforts? If you are out for coffee or lunch, leave a generous tip for your server or praise a local business online with a great review. You can also donate used books to your library, tell another parent at the grocery store they’re doing a great job, or choose to be extra polite on your drive home and let everyone out in front of you.

Being kind is not difficult, but it does take some extra time and thought. When we reach out to the community about our Vista Pointe neighborhood and its amenities, it’s always with our potential residents’ greatest needs and dreams in mind. We couldn’t be happier to share about our wonderful home builders, local attractions, and tips for living happy, inspired lives in the greater Cincinnati area.

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