Homeowners choose all custom details when building with Destefano Homes and Remodeling

January 3, 2020

When building a new home, some homeowners might prefer a cookie-cutter approach because it’s fast and easy. They like what they see in a model home, and it fits their needs quickly. Not many decisions have to be made because the builder already has a formula for construction. But what if you’ve had a special, custom home in mind for years, and you actually care about every small detail?

A custom home is specifically designed for their homeowner. The owner has a say in every detail of the home, from the architecture, windows and room layout to the flooring and light fixtures. While it might seem daunting to some, choosing the look of every inch of a new home is pure bliss to those with a vision. That’s why luxury, custom homebuilders work side-by-side with owners throughout the entire new home construction process to ensure satisfaction every step of the way.

If you’re looking to build a quality, luxury home that is designed with your lifestyle in mind, then finding the right custom builder is the first important step. Destefano Homes and Remodeling has partnered with owners for more than 30 years to bring their new home visions to life. The Destefano family brings together quality craftsmen, high-end materials and proven new construction and design techniques to ensure your new home is a one-of-a-kind gem.

No matter the project size, Destefano Homes and Remodeling successfully combines old world craftsmanship and modern amenities to create premier new homes that accommodate individual lifestyles. Throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region, Destefano helps owners through the complex design/build process with hands-on involvement by a knowledgeable team of experts and budgets at top of mind.

If choosing a stock home is similar to ordering from a fast food menu, then choosing to build a custom home is like having a personal chef cook a gourmet meal just for you, while you watch and offer feedback. The Destefano Homes and Remodeling family takes pride in their attention to detail and unique ability to give clients an individual and personal experience on every project. From wine cellars and home offices to grand kitchens and stone exteriors, Destefano can deliver the custom home luxury, craftsmanship and quality you crave.

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