Get your patios and decks ready for summer living

May 14, 2020

Since the start of spring, most of us have been inside our homes non-stop. We are working from home, teaching school around the dining room table, and gathering with friends and family virtually through laptop and phone screens. Now that warmer weather is finally here, it’s time to break outside and prep our yards, decks and patios for outdoor living.  

Stable Spaces

Before furniture or pots can adorn your outside space, you’ll want to clean away leaves and debris, and see if further deep cleaning is necessary. Stone or brick patios may need a good power wash, while a wood deck could need to be repainted or stained. Set aside time to tackle these projects yourself of hire a professional to ensure a job well done, quickly.  

Make it Functional

Depending on how much space you have, creating zones of functionality can ensure you maximize outdoor space. A sturdy table and chairs create an area for dining, while deeper, cushioned chairs can be arranged around a small, low table for working or reading. An umbrella or two can keep space cooler once the sun is high, and a chaise lounge or even a hammock can offer a much-needed respite for an afternoon break.  

Add Greenery

Once the threat of frost has passed, plants and flowers can be added to outside spaces either directly in the ground in beds or within pots and containers. Placing plants in different sized and shaped vessels around a patio or deck can add fragrance and color all season long! Many people now choose to grow vegetables and herbs in large containers, closer to the house, so they are less enticing to hungry deer and rabbits. Adding basil, rosemary or sage to a pot right outside your kitchen door allows for fresh cooking herbs through the fall months.

Light it Up

Once comfortable spaces are ready, it’s nice to enjoy them past twilight hours. While wood-burning fire pits are a longtime favorite of many homeowners, gas fire pits and tables offer warm, flickering flames a bit closer to the house in an easy way. To ensure safe paths and steps, decks can be outfitted with hardwired lighting that comes on with a flip of a switch, or tiki torches and candles can be lit to provide warm ambiance and keep pesky bugs away.  

Storage Solutions
Throughout the season, there are bound to be rainstorms and maybe some wind to contend with. Finding proper storage for seat cushions, umbrellas and other outdoor items can make sure they last longer and don’t break or get dirty. From large deck boxes to small sheds, finding the right-sized storage containers—or creating smart solutions when space is scarce—can help keep gardening tools, outdoor toys and extra decor organized and protected from the elements.  

Enjoying our own outdoor spaces can be a warm, welcome change from the monotony of indoor living over the past few months. Taking the time now to properly setup and organize patios and decks can provide for weeks of relaxed, sunny afternoons and offer just the change of scenery many of us need!

We know our homeowners throughout Vista Pointe are starting to prepare their own outside living areas, which include lush, wooded views. Landscapes and privacy are important to creating the ultimate backyard setting, and there are still multiple lots available for immediate construction in our community that offer mature trees adjacent to established, landscaped land. If you might be seeking a new home to bring your creative outdoor living space ideas to life, check out our latest site plan and available homesites.