How to plan a staycation in Cincinnati this weekend

April 23, 2020

After weeks of living at and working from home, the novelty of staying in PJs all day and helping with school art projects might be wearing off. Most of us have already deep-cleaned the bathrooms and attempted a 1,000-piece puzzle we most definitely will never finish. So, how can you unplug from this new temporary routine and enjoy true rest and family time this weekend?  

A new kind of staycation
While staycations are nothing new, they typically include jaunting around your city to discover local food, entertainment and activities. However, given our current need to stay-put in our own homes, yards and cars as much as possible, it’s time to actually put the stay in staycation.  

Literally, you go nowhere. We know many of you are pretty tired of staring at the interior of your home for six straight weeks, but, stick with us here. We have a few options for getting out of the house for a bit, too!

Ditch the schedule
Whatever you have been doing the past few weekends, throw it out the window. Focus on doing things differently than how you have been doing them the past month at home. This weekend needs to feel distinctive.

Order food from a new restaurant
We all have our go-to favorites we have supported throughout the stay-at-home orders, and that’s fantastic. However, why not try a new, local eatery this weekend? Check out menus online and call restaurants directly to order food and schedule curbside pickup. This ensures the restaurant retains as much of the profit and tip as possible.  

Then, pack everyone under your roof into the car and enjoy the ride! Take the long way. Roll down the windows, crank up the tunes and enjoy the scenery. Once you return home, set up a picnic-style meal on a blanket in your backyard! Remember, the key is to do something different than you have been used to.

Grab a sweet treat
Most drive-throughs are still open, and many bakeries and coffee shops are offering take-out or curbside options as well. Just be sure to call ahead. Splurge on satisfying your sweet tooth at Graeters, Winans, Duck Donuts or Daylight Donuts. If it’s dry and warm outside, hop on the Loveland Bike Trail and check out Cocoa Bites or Hometown Café Loveland for an afternoon treat. Order something different and new, and maybe something extra you’ll know you’ll enjoy later!

Explore the city
While you can’t visit most places in-person, there are ways that Cincinnati’s best local attractions are bringing the adventure home to you! The Cincinnati Zoo offers a daily safari live stream via the comfort of your laptop. Each day at 3 p.m., the zoo highlights an animal and includes an activity your family can do from home. The Cincinnati Art Museum also has turned online to offer a number of its art collections, exhibits and resources for your viewing enjoyment. Or, if you’d rather find a place to go and enjoy the great outdoors (while physically distancing, of course), check out the list of Cincinnati Parks that are currently open around town. Why not visit one you have never explored before?

We know—it’s not the same
We all anticipate the days we can gather again to enjoy the zoo, our favorite restaurant or a coffee shop with friends. Since good things come to those who wait, we know we will appreciate the opportunities to experience our city that much more after this challenging time. And, we will have a new appreciation for the communities we live in through this time of uncertainty.

From the Vista Pointe Community in South Lebanon, we thank our neighbors, the Kings Local School District, our first responders and the small local businesses that are working hard to keep us fed, safe and healthy during this pandemic. Finding opportunities this weekend to support your community through local purchases or even a note of thanks is a great way to stay connected as much as possible.