Organize your kitchen to create a more efficient space

February 27, 2020

The kitchen is the heart of the home. We meet, greet and eat in our kitchens to feed our bellies and our souls. It’s the room we tidy the most—on the surface. But check out what’s going on in those cupboards and drawers, and even the “hostess with the mostest” might turn pink with embarrassment.

We use our kitchens multiple times each day. However, it’s hard to find the time to properly clean and organize each shelf and nook. So, what’s a busy homeowner to do? If you can find a spare afternoon or split the effort into multiple evenings, we can help with the following organization tips. But, try not to get side-tracked when you find the forgotten box of Girl Scout cookies in the pantry!

Empty it out
Take one drawer or cabinet at a time and empty it completely. Vacuum out debris and wipe down all interiors. Cut and lay down new drawer liner if desired. Allow all your emptied items to accumulate together in a central location. (Or, just do one cabinet or drawer at a time as your schedule allows.)

Review and group
Assess each item you remove. Donate multiples of kitchen tools or anything you have not used in years. Toss anything in disrepair. Then, group like items together and decide how many of each you need. Now you can have a clearer vision of how much space everything will occupy in your cupboards and drawers.  

Layout and use
Once you know everything you are keeping, think through the best places to store items. How do you use your kitchen daily? Where could you place items to help you work more efficiently in the space?  

Kitchen storage can run out quickly. As you assess your items, think through other areas for storage in your home. For example, could you move nicer wine glasses to the dining room buffet?  

Incorporate more containers
No one goes through the trouble of organizing a drawer only to forget and never use what you have. Don’t let smaller items—think corn cob holders, bag clips and travel mug lids—get lost in a dark abyss! Invest in space-saving solutions and containers to keep like items together and top-of-mind. Want to squeeze out even more space? Ditch unnecessary store packaging and place granola bars, snacks, beans and pasta in stackable, airtight containers or jars.  

Get creative
Rethink the ways you use your space. Could you add hooks, a lazy Susan or stackable racks to store items more efficiently and keep them visible? Even cake stands can be used to create other (pretty) levels of storage. Famed chef Alton Brown has a crafty way to upcycle egg cartons for cleaner fridge storage. And hair ties can be used to keep plastic straws together and plastic cutting boards rolled.

Creating a more clutter-free kitchen doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. A bit of elbow grease and thoughtful planning can ensure the busiest room in your home remains manageable for months to come. But what if all else fails and you can’t stop dreaming of a new, larger kitchen? The premier builders at Vista Pointe in South Lebanon are armed with the latest in kitchen design to satisfy your changing lifestyle needs.  

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