Spring Cleaning Checklist: What to do inside and outside to prepare for warmer weather

March 11, 2020

We can hardly contain ourselves over here at Vista Pointe! Now that it is March, our minds have turned to opening the windows and working hard to spruce up our living spaces. Whether you have just built a new home, moved into a new-to-you abode, or need to declutter from months of being stuck indoors, it’s time to clean house.

First, make a plan
It’s important to take a look at the calendar now and set aside a few days for action. Likely two days will be needed indoors and two days outdoors. Before you get started, hit the store and stock up on cleaning supplies, from paper towels and dust cloths to glass and surface sprays. Or, check out the ways you can create your own cleaning solutions at home.

One space at a time
If you start indoors, clean one room at a time. Decluttering and organizing is always a great first step. Make piles for recycle, toss, donate and keep. Once everything is put away, start at the top and work your way down.

·      Dust light fixtures and fans

·      Change batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

·      Wipe down moldings, window sills, walls and doors

·      Clean interior window glass and sills

·      Dust tabletops, shelving and counters

·      Deep clean appliances

·      Wipe down baseboards

·      Sweep floors with a broom or vacuum

·      Vacuum upholstered furniture

·      Mop wood or tile, and consider renting a steam cleaner for carpets

Go the extra mile
Are you truly committed to deep cleaning every square inch of your home? If so, here are some other go-getter jobs to add to your list:

·      Organize closets, being sure to purge what doesn’t fit or what hasn’t been used

·      Shampoo rugs and furniture

·      Reseal grout lines

·      Dust books and decor

·      Polish door and window hardware

·      Wax wooden furniture and/or floors

·      Clean window treatments

Cleaning outdoor spaces
Once the ground starts to thaw, we’re eager to prep outdoor living spaces for spring-like days. Depending on your lot size and exterior design, you might need more time to dedicate to your yard, patio and garage. Be sure to watch the weather forecast and choose dryer and warmer days for outside efforts. Invite the entire family to pitch in and help with the following tasks:

·      Clean window screens and exterior glass

·      Sweep and/or power wash walks, patios and decks

·      Prep and clean the grill

·      Wipe down and set up patio furniture

·      Declutter and sweep garage and shed spaces

·      Trim back plantings and shrubs, and consider turning or adding mulch

·      Repair/replace exterior fixtures, lightbulbs, chipped paint and/or other exterior items or surfaces

Every season brings its own maintenance and chore checklist. With a little preparation and well-timed grit, your days of spring cleaning will produce bright, cheery spaces for enjoying more sunny days, both inside and out!

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